Musk Skateguitar is a professional instrument made entirely from skateboards. Because of its weight, size and resistant materials is perfect for carrying it everywhere. Is a unique instrument that you will not find it anywhere else. It’s non conventional materials and its design makes it a different object.

Guitars inspired by passions

Musk Skateguitar is the result of our two passions: skateboarding and music. We thought that if we combined them we could achieve a fascinating project. Why we use skates? We love them and they are made to be resistant to all type of blows or damages. Our guitars are made entirely of them having as a result a cool longer lasting guitar.



About the Project

The project started in Argentina when Gianfranco De Gennaro, professional skater and Ezequiel Galasso, one of the most recognized luthiers of the country, started designing handmade guitars using discarded skateboards. At first, guitars were made one by one but then we realize that we could not afford all the demands we have. We started thinking about how to produce a guitar that could be developed in the short term and that do not lose its quality. As a result, we created two different models that are more accessible than the first guitars and that could be made on a shorter period of time.